Performance Equine Evaluations

The initial evaluation will take approximately 1-2 hours. The evaluation consists of the following:

A Thorough Manual Palpation of Muscle and Fascia
  • A diagnosis and assessment of primary versus compensatory tension areas throughout the body 
Manual Palpation of Acupuncture Meridians and Points
  • A diagnostic aid to determine specific areas of the body both internally and externally affected by imbalance, stagnation, deficiencies or excess conditions
Range of Motion Assessment 
  • Manual palpation and movement of the motion joints throughout the entire body
Lameness Evaluation
  • Walk, trot, cantor on a lunge line on hard and soft surfaces (if available)
  • Movement in hand
  • Evaluation of horse under tack with or without rider
Saddle Fit
  • Determination if current saddle is fitting properly
  • Myofascial and muscle releasing techniques
  • Adjustment of vertebral subluxation complexes and other motion joints
  • Acupuncture